Lore Explore #1: Skrittsburg

Skrittsburgh is both a city and the biggest know collection of Skritt in Tyria. The Skritt here are intelligent and have a distinct culture. It is a friendly and open society, welcoming visitors of all races. The skritt of Skrittsburgh face daily adversities, including the Nightmare Court, the Inquest, Destroyers and bandits. The skritt king strives for higher ideals and works to elevate the skritt from lowly scavengers to a full fledged civilization. Many skritt flock to Skrittsburgh in the hopes of better lives as living together means they can be smarter and safer.


Skrittsburgh is made up of four areas; Skrittsburgh Center, East End, Hillstead, and Tunnels.

Skrittsburgh Center: This is where the Skritt king and courtiers stay to help run Skrittsburgh. They are protected by the royal guards. When the city is in crisis the doors to the Skrittsburgh Center close in order to protect the skritt vital to running the city safe. When a new king is chosen, the doors reopen.

Skrittsburgh East End: This area has a beautiful garden and waterfall. Although East end is very scenic, it’s also very dangerous. Destroyers commonly invade the area and the deeper caverns are warzones. Many skritt are injured in the struggle and require help.

Skrittburgh Tunnels: Skrittburghs Tunnels is very close to many asura laboratories making it the prime location for the inventors of Skrittsburgh to congregate. The Tunnels can occasionally get rather hectic as malfunctioning skritt inventions go haywire.

Skrittsburgh Hillstead: This part of Skrittsburgh is responsible for the farming of grub meat to feed the city. The process of agriculture is very new to skritt and often they need help. The local bandits also bait the skritt in the Hillstead.

Skrittsburgh Culture

Skritt have always had leaders and followers in their societies, but the new courtier class is a practice unique to Skrittsburgh. Courtiers wear nobility items, which are restricted from other skirtt, and are encourage to wear lots of ornamentation and act aloof and undignified. They live a “privileged” life and are exempt from foraging their own food.


It is unclear whether this is a default culture that reemerges when enough skritt are together, or it is adopted from another culture. One can note the similarities to human culture though. Also,  a skritt called “Sir Jonka” has adopted the picturebook “Sir Skippy’s big fun day’ about knights and jousting. It is possible that the skritt have learnt about  human culture from this book and have adopted it.

Skritt king and the Grey Council

The king of Skrittsburgh sits on a throne in the city centre. The King has high ideals and strives to lead the skritt to a better future, however the skritt have many enemies in the Brisban Wildlands and unfortunately the king is often killed. When this happens a new king is chosen by the “Grey Council,” but very little else is known about the inner workings of the Skrittburgh political system.

Skrittburgh’s Inventors

In such a large group of skritt, the skritt’s natural inquisitiveness has flourished. Skritt tend to have difficulty planning ahead, however when it comes to inventing they have developed systems to make it easier for their tinkerers and inventors. Since skritt often tinker with asuran technology they often need the essential power baubles to make their designs work. One skritt is responsible for collecting power baubles in advance for the inventors to use.

Foreman Rekkata is in charge of keeping all the scavenged items organised so that when an inventor skirt has an idea they can give them the necessary materials before the skritt forgets what they were working on.

Most skritt seem only capable of tinkering with already made items. Often skritt will steal broken golems and repair them for their own use. Howeverm a few skritt seem capable of thinking up their own new ideas to solve common problems, such as the “tail-detangler” for young skritt who tend to get their tails tangled.

Slimes of Skrittsburg

A lot of junk is collected by the skritt, but often not all the junk is useable. Any junk that can not be recycled or used is fed to the oozes who break it down and digest it. Due to this the oozes around Skrittsburgh are not aggressive. The smaller oozes in the skrittsburgh centre are completely tame and utilized by the skritt who maintain the storehouse.

Skrittsburgh Architecture

The Skrittsburgh architecture is typical of skritt, except on perhaps a larger scale. However, due to the Asuran lab’s close proximity there is a lot of shiny asuran materials utilized in the city’s architecture. For example the skritt king has great glowing asuran lights behind him, as well as many glowing asuran screen walls. Also, Skrittsbugh does seem to have small models of medieval castles and turrets scattered around the place. It seems they were taken from Divinity’s Reach’s sewers.

Skrittsburgh Cuisine

Skritt are not adept at agriculture but it seems that they have adopted grub farming in the Hillstead to sustain their city. Skritt also mention that there is a cheesery in Skrittsburgh as well.

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